Latest Web Design Trends for Developers in 2017 With “Staying Power”


Designing a memorable website means two things – it is aesthetically engaging and appealing, and it is wonderfully usable. As designers have access to ever-evolving technology, their options widen, and they experiment with new elements, layouts, colors, etc. Over time, user tastes change too, although this is probably a generational thing. And so, trends develop. Some are fleeting – experiments that lose favour quickly; some, however, are longer-term. They generate great responses from users and then become a standard that other designers follow. Trends do not last forever, but here are some that will probably be around for a good amount of time.

1. Original and Unique Visuals

Stock photos may still be fine for blogs, but they are becoming boring. Website designs need to have visuals that provide a new experience for visitors. Original photos that tell a story or pique interest are a must. Unique illustrations can engage. As attention spans are not what they used to be, it is also a good idea to change out visuals often.


Tom’s Shoes has a business model that has become so popular, it is copied by many other e-commerce enterprises. It is a one-for-one charitable model that began with a donation of a pair of shoes for every pair purchased. The website is simple in format but is filled with photos that tell stories –

Basecamp is a project management company whose motto is “Chaos Organized.” Here is a recent landing page, one of many that always sport creative illustrations and humor.

2. Video and Other Animation

People just prefer to see/hear than to read. Educators might not like this fact, but it is true for a few reasons:

  • We like to see faces and hear people’s voices
  • Emotions are conveyed better through video
  • We like movement
  • Our attention spans are shorter, and a video maintains our focus better – we remember more of what we see and hear than we do of what we read.

Probably the most popular types of video for websites are “how to” and explainer videos, which often appear on the homepage to provide information on the value of the product(s) or services offered. Video is not going away anytime soon. The other reasons video is here to stay is that technology has provided the tools for designers and marketers to make their own, as opposed to hiring an expensive production company.


Dollar Shave club spent $2500 on its explainer video and has not changed it out since its launch. Why? Because it now has about 25 million views. Using humor and a fast pace, the value of this razor subscription club is simply and effectively explained to a visitor.

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