18 #Incredible Elements of Modern #WebDesign & #WebDev

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Web Development sure has come a long way from the animated light-up gifs of the mid 90’s. Everyone can be thankful for that. Modern development is a constantly changing set of rules and tools that can help your web project take off, or be a flop.

Here are the 18 most common elements of modern web development you should consider implementing in your next project.

Personalized Content

Any content that can be customized to a user will enhance the user experience – and likely your conversions. Amazon does this with regularity for anyone that shops on their site. If you like product A, you’ll love product B.

One of the easiest ways this can be achieved is geographically. If a user lives in a certain city, you can show them certain content, while a user in another city or country sees something that relates more to them.

Tracking Exit Paths

 You know the moment you decide to leave a page and you move the mouse up to the back button, or the “x” to leave? That can be tracked now. This is called “exit intent” and it’s catching fire in web development. Once you know someone is thinking about leaving, you can throw up a popup enticing them to stay. It’s much better than a simple “related content” tab at the bottom. It’s more intrusive – but only when you know they’re done reading.

Nurturing Customers

Building in email lists and member’s only areas has been a staple of web development for years. It’s still extremely relevant today. We all know it costs less to retain a customer than to find a new one, so your web platform should continue to have customer nurturing as a focus. Building in email sign-up pop-ups are extremely popular.


If you think font type is just a topic for design nerds, think again. Typography is extremely important to modern development. Using large bold fonts can make or break the entire design completely on its own. If you’ve previously just selected fonts as an afterthought, think again.

Hero Images

Nothing captures attention like large, vibrant hero images. You only have seconds to capture a user’s attention when they land on a page –entice them in with something that speaks a thousand words. It’s probably the most popular element in modern development for this reason.

Stay Tuned to See All 18 Incredible Elements of Modern Web Design and Development

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