#Best 7 #UserFriendly #UI #WebDesign Trends in 2017


What will define Web Design trends 2017? Like a number of Design experts and the UX think tanks, I’m wagering on VRs, Rich typography, conversational interfaces to leave an enduring mark on the design industry. Without much ado, let’s take a look at top 7 trends that will dominate website design space in year 2017.

  • Mobile-First Design Concept

The Mobile-first isn’t a new concept. It was a big hit over the past few years and it is anticipated that it will prevail and show its dominance even in the year 2017. More and more companies are expected to realize the importance of delivering the content for small screen devices and then working up to the bigger screens (Mobile-first design concept). Several Visual, Design and other restrictions that mobile-first models limits (in useful way) the companies to reconsider their core content and the message which they want to convey to their target audiences. Smartphones usually come with smaller screen sizes, this limits the content that user views at once. This compels the companies to get rid off or limit the amount of information which is not 100% required. However, allowing with the value-added & visually attractive extras to the users as the switch up to larger screens.

  • Conversational Interfaces & AI-powered Bots

Human interactions are extremely fascinating — the social awkwardness, the communication styles, the way tales are told, trust is built, and the knowledge is transferred.

Can a web page evoke the similar response?

The Conversational interfaces have become the ‘talk of the town’ in the 2017 Web design World. Many of us believe that it’s just another design fad, but let’s admit it — the advent of Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or the iPhone messages have drastically changed the way we communicate and exchange the information. A research by Statista has revealed that by the year 2018, IM apps like LINE or Whatsapp are estimated to account for nearly 75 % of all the mobile messaging traffic, ahead of the mobile email, SMS or other mobile messaging options. By helping the brands to express varied personality traits and making them more approachable and human, Conventional Interface is truly a GAME CHANGER.

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