6 #ux Strategies To Boost Your #Website #usability

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Website usability has become increasingly important with the growing number of mobile devices and its impact on digital marketing. Improving your site’s usability can help your SEO campaign, increase your site’s conversion rates, improve user engagement and create more return visitors. Here are six essential strategies that you can use to boost your website’s usability:


Strategy #1: Create a Focused Navigation Path and Design a Strong Visual Hierarchy

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to create a broad site that gives users too many options. This can confuse users and detract them from your site’s goals. What you want to do is to create a focused navigation path that helps both the user and your business meet their desired objectives. Present a limited number of options on your main page while still giving the user the ability to browse other pages through your navigation menu.

Think about why visitors have landed on your page in the first place, in order to come up with a strong home page navigation path. A big part of this that many web designers don’t talk about is creating a visual hierarchy. You have to visually present what you want the users to focus on by making the most important elements bigger than the others, integrating strong copy that transitions well, using visual cues and using a layout that progresses users from one element to another.


Strategy #2: Optimize Your Site for Loading Speed

Did you know that page abandonment significantly increases as your loading time goes up? If you want to capture more leads, build more followers and acquire more customers, you need to optimize your site’s loading speed. This is especially important when a large number of web users come from mobile devices which tend to have slower performances and connection than desktops. There are many strategies you can use to reduce load time speeds from enabling compression, switching to faster servers, using browser caching, to working on your CSS.

Let us See all the 6 Essential UX Strategies That Will Boost Your Website’s Usability Here


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